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In the "Horse" section of our Tuxe Life equestrian store you can find all the necessary equipment for horse riding. Like any material of any sport it is very important to keep it in perfect condition. Therefore in this section "Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance" you can find all the necessary products to keep all your horse equipment perfectly hydrated, clean and greased. 

Leather is a very resistant material but to increase its durability and flexibility it is necessary to keep it hydrated and in good condition. In this section of our website you will find the different products used in the daily cleaning of riding equipment. 
For the daily cleaning of our equipment it is sufficient to use a small soap to remove the most visible dirt. It is a superficial cleaning for the daily maintenance and in the stable of all the material. It is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning of all the material from time to time with a specific grease and oil for leather. In this way the leather will maintain its consistency and elasticity allowing the material to maintain or increase its durability over time. 
All these products come from big brands such as Prestige, Carr & Day & Martin, Hippotonic, Stübben, etc. 

But... How do we apply these products on the leather? Don't hesitate any longer! Sponges will be your best allies. Have a couple of sponges in your cleaning box to be able to apply the products evenly and without leaving any surface uncovered. 

You can find cleaning products in different formats: spray, cream, liquid, rigid, etc. Choose the version that works best for you to clean your equipment in a comfortable and dynamic way. 

Do you know which product you need to clean your leather equipment? Contact us and we will advise you on which cleaning product is ideal for you according to the material you need to clean!

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