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Do you know all the necessary material to take care of your horse? Do you dedicate time to the cleaning of your equine? We must never forget that the cleaning of our horse is something super important in the day to day in the stables!

Just as we must keep the facilities and stables in good condition, the care of the mane, tail, hooves and hair of our horse, among many other things, should be very integrated into our equestrian routine.

In the "Cleaning & Horse Health Care" section of our website, you can find any product that will help you keep your equine in full health and cleanliness.

From hoof cleaning, with oils, hoof oils, hoof grease, hoof cleaner... always accompanied by a good brush. Take care of their condition with Cavalor's Dry Feet to take care of the soft grooves and with hoof ointments that will keep our horse's hooves completely hydrated.

Going through a thorough cleaning of the horse's coat with products such as pads, brushes and mane brushes. Keep their manes and tails soft thanks to detanglers and conditioners from various brands such as Vital Horse or Carr&Day. In addition, take care of the length and volume of their manes thanks to our thinning scissors and mane and tail shears. At shows, take the opportunity to make your horse very elegant with the boxes of braiding rubber bands available from Hippotonic and Le Mieux.

Too much hair at certain times, does your horse need a good shearing? Get rid of all the extra hair with the Heiniger Shearer and take care of the touch-ups with the Premiere Zirconia Shearer.

A good shower rejuvenates any horse. Discover the various shampoos and conditioners we have available from Jump Your Hair, Lincoln, Equinatura, etc.

Worried about insects in summer? Complete your grooming kit with the various insect repellents available from brands such as Leovet.

Complement your kit with soft and juicy sponges to clean your horse's head and body. Keep everything in one place thanks to the various grooming boxes available on our website. Choose the color and model you like best and have all your grooming and care material in one place.

What are you waiting for to complete all your equipment? In the section "Cleaning & Horse Health Care" you will find everything you are looking for.

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