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Emergency 911 Cavalor

Emergency 911 Cavalor

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    Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting and easily digested supplement, indicated for the urgent treatment of symptoms associated with colic and prevents the development of digestive pathologies derived from the stress caused by transporting the horse. It prevents colic by maintaining the balance of the gastrointestinal flora and improves the evolution of chronic digestive pathology. It is compatible with the intestinal microflora and the digestive system of horses with acute intestinal problems.

    Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains prebiotics, which maintain the balance of the intestinal flora of the horse. We guarantee that Cavalor® Emergency 911 is the fastest intestinal flora reinforcement supplement on the market for the immediate management of intestinal problems. Cavalor® Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary treatment.

    Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting supplement for the treatment of urgent gastrointestinal pathology in horses.

    A supplement specially designed to protect the digestive tract in situations of stress during the transport of the horse and in emergency situations due to colic.

    It maintains the intestinal flora and protects the digestive system, helping to control the symptoms associated with colic.

    It is a great supplement for horses with gastrointestinal pathologies.

    The balanced composition of ingredients in Cavalor® Emergency 911 maintains the digestive system:

    Prebiotics that protect the flora of the horse's digestive tract.

    Organic yeast extract, rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannano-oligosaccharides (MOS), which help block digestive colonization by pathogens, and bind with mycotoxins to minimize the digestive lesions caused to the horse by them.

    Vitamin B, stimulant of immunoglobulins-A and growth of bacterial flora (e.g. bifidobacteria). Vitamin B helps maintain the state of the digestive tract and improve its functionality, while preventing the proliferation of pathogens.

    For what purpose has Cavalor® Emergency 911 been formulated?

    Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a supplement specially designed to maintain the digestive tract in good condition, during the stress of transporting the horse, and for the treatment of symptoms associated with cases of colic, when certain therapeutic measures are needed until the arrival of the veterinarian.

    In what medical emergency situations should we use Cavalor® Emergency 911?

    Cavalor® Emergency 911 is designed to stabilize the horse's digestive tract, and should therefore be administered during the first stage of suspected colic.

    If you are not sure what stage of colic you are in or when the symptoms started, administer Cavalor® Emergency 911 as soon as possible and stay close to the horse while watching it for about 20 minutes, call the veterinarian immediately to treat the horse.

    Can I use Cavalor® Emergency 911 in situations other than colic or long-term transport?

    Yes, Cavalor® Emergency 911 contributes to maintaining the digestive system in good general condition, and its administration is recommended in colic situations:

    Digestive pathology associated with changes in the environment or surroundings of horses

    To help balance the digestive system after any period of interruption in the horse's normal function or activity (e.g. variations in diet)

    What is the difference between Cavalor® Digest, Cavalor® Vitaflora and Cavalor® Emergency 911?

    Cavalor® Digest is designed to help solve diarrhoea and other digestive pathologies. Cavalor® Vitaflora is designed to maintain and protect the horse's gastrointestinal flora. Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a supplement specially designed to maintain the digestive tract in good condition, during the stress of transporting the horse, and for the treatment of symptoms associated with cases of colic.

    Composition: yeast, apple pulp, dried.

    Additives (per kg): 100 mg of vitamin B2-Rivoflavin, 250 mg of vitamin B6-Pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831, 1050 mg of pantothenic acid, lactobacillus casei 4.3 CFU / ml, lactobacillus plantarum 4.3 CFU / ml, saccharomyces cervisiae 35 mg / ml.

    Analytical constituents: crude ash 3.5%, crude fiber 1%, crude protein 13.5%, crude fat 45%, sodium 0.1%.

    Instructions for use:

    Dosage per animal per day: 15 ml / 100 kg body weight

    Store cool and dry. Stay away from children

    (1 syringe 80 cc)

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    Cavalor is a brand dedicated to the development of nutritional supplements for the good health inside and outside of horses, its products are created to meet the needs of the horse when practicing any sport and at any stage of his life.

    Cavalor develops its products based on scientific research and looking to meet the needs of the horse and its welfare.

    You can now buy Cavalor brand products in our online and physical store Tuxe Life, in A Coruña (Galicia).

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