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Do you know which bit your horse or pony needs? Just as with saddles, choosing the right horse bit for your horse is just as important, if not more so! We must keep in mind that our horse connects with us through his mouth. Therefore, choosing the right bit should be one of our top priorities. 

In our "Horse Bits" section of our Tuxe Life online equestrian store you can find an infinite number of bits and snaffles options to choose from. However, it is very important to think about what our horse needs as well as what we need in order for the riding to be as connected and smooth as possible without being aggressive or rough. The welfare of the animal must be our main concern at all times. 

In this section of our online equestrian store you will find Snaffles, Gag Bits, Goyoagas, Pelhams, Hackamores, Chifney, etc. Different types of bits that are used and recommended for certain horses and riders. 

What should we take into account when choosing a bit for our horse or pony? We must consider these 3 things: 

- Size: an incorrect size can cause injury or discomfort to our horse and pony. 

- Hardness: each horse is different. Therefore we must know what hardness of bit we need for our needs, strengths, goals, etc.. The hardness of the bit will depend on its thickness and structure. 

- Material: there are bits made of different materials that create different impressions and sensations in these animals, such as apple-flavored bits, leather, rubber, etc. 

In order to complete the correct choice of bit, we can take a look at our "Bit Accessories" section to determine if our horse needs rubber bit guards, chains, etc. 

We know that the choice of the bit for our horse or pony is a very important decision, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

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