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The limbs of horses are one of the areas where it is easier for injuries to occur, so it is very important to pay special attention to this part of the anatomy of our equine friends.

In our online store Tuxe Life we offer, within the section Horse Boots & Bandages, a wide range of different types of horse boots to protect the limbs of horses, we also present different types of bandages and under bandages. We have different types of horse boots, there are working horse boots are perfect if you practice jumping, cross or just for a walk in the countryside, they are usually rigid horse boots to absorb any kind of blow.

The other horse boots that Tuxe Life offers are padded, these protectors protect the tendons of horses. Rest horse boots, they are perfect for when our horse's training is over, with them we avoid the tendons to get cold and get injured. Tuxé Life also offers hock & knee horse boots.

It is time to travel with our horse and it is essential to have travel horse boots, as we know the transport of horses is sometimes a delicate moment because many of them get nervous and end up hitting. To prevent them from injuring their legs we cover their legs with travel horse boots, these horse boots cover the entire leg from the hoof to above the hock.

In Tuxe Life we also have over reach boots, they are used to cover the equine hooves, they protect the hooves and heels. We can not forget the bandages and under bandages, bandages for horses are very useful to prevent the tendon from cooling quickly, they are also used to prevent inflammation. Bandages can be used alone if they are thick enough to keep the area warm or they can be used with under bandages.

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