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The horse rug is made to protect our equine friends, it has several utilities, of course the first is to protect them from the coldest temperatures, keep them warm, protect them from rain and keep them dry, free of dirt and insects.

In our online store Tuxe Life we have a wide range of rugs for horses, the most suitable will depend on what we want it for. If your horse is outdoors the rug that best suits is the outdoor rug, it has to be a waterproof rug, breathable, some are padded and others are not, with or without grammage, etc... If the horse is inside the stable we should look for a stable rug, these protect the horse from the cold, especially if your horse is sheared.

On the other hand we have drying rugs, they are made of polar fleece or towel type, they are used after the horse's work to dry the sweat and to prevent the horse from catching a cold. There are also anti-insect rugs, they are made of net fabric, these rugs protect the horse from mosquitos and other insects, your horse will thank you!

Another widely used option are the kidney rugs, the use that is given to this rugs is just at the beginning of the work, it keeps warm the kidney area. The presentation rugs are mainly used in competitions to show our horse well dressed and elegant. The rugs you choose will depend on the function you want to give him, the climate in the area, if your horse is one of those who likes to eat rugs you should look for one with a good resistance (Denires).

What size does my horse wear? To know the correct size you should measure your horse from the withers to the rump. As you can see there are many options with different functions, do not hesitate to contact the Tuxe Life team, we will be happy to help you!

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