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As in all training it is very important to have the necessary equipment in order to be productive and efficient in our exercises. The same goes for horses and ponies. In the equestrian world it is very important to keep our horse in the best possible shape. 

In our "Lunging & Training Aids for Horses" section of our Tuxe Life online equestrian store you can find all those items necessary for the proper functioning and training of these animals. 

Lunging work is a very important part of this sport. The ground work and lunging work of our horse is just as important as his riding. In this way we will help the horse to develop different parts of his body and to improve his resistance and movement that otherwise with us on top he would not be able to develop in the same way and not in such a natural way. 

For the lunging work you will find everything you need: 

- Lunging Lead Ropes: these ropes should have a longer length than the standard lead ropes since we need to have a much wider handling radius. 

Lunging Bridles: these bridles are specific for lunging work and their structure is much more comfortable for this type of work. 

- Lunging whips: as in the case of the lunging ropes, the lunging whips for lunging work are longer so as to be able to mark the rhythm that the horse must follow and maintain. 

- Lunging Aid: these items correct in one way or another the horse's position to develop different parts of its body and back. 

- Lunging Girths: they allow to incorporate and adapt the rest of the products for a correct work at the rope. 

On the other hand, you can find other items such as gogues or leveling reins that help riders on the horse to correct certain positions or behaviors of the horse or pony. 

These products are from such prestigious brands as Norton, Riding World, Waldhausen, etc. 

Do you think you need a product for your horse's daily ground and lunging work? You are in the perfect section of our website Tuxe Life! Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you. 

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