Ointment Healing Equixana Dermis

Ointment Healing Equixana Dermis

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    It is an ointment made with natural active ingredients, minerals and essential oils. It helps to combat all skin problems in horses, dogs, cats, etc.
    It favours the hydration and regeneration of the skin, relieving itching and preventing the interaction of flying insects so that the skin and coat quickly regain their original appearance.
    1. Wash the affected area with neutral shampoo or soap. Rub the lather with a brush, with this gesture we will lift to some extent the possible flaking or dandruff derived from the condition.
    2. Rinse with plenty of water and dry. It is very important to dry very well so that the Equixana Dermis ointment adheres well to the affected area, it is essential to isolate the affected area from the outside.
    3. Apply a generous amount of ointment on the affected area, massage gently so that the ointment penetrates the skin, adhering a generous layer of ointment of about 2 - 3 mm, which completely isolates the affected area from the outside, like a second skin or bandage.
    4. Check the condition of the ointment every 24 hours. If the layer applied the previous day is reduced, reapply ointment over ointment. If the same layer remains, do not reapply more ointment. Repeat every 24 hours
    5. After 7 days, wash again with neutral shampoo or soap, rinse, dry and observe the evolution of the affected area. If the affected area has completely recovered, stop the applications. If the affected area has not fully recovered, repeat the cycle of applications.

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