PodoCare Turkey (Foal Supplement) 8 Kilos

PodoCare Turkey (Foal Supplement) 8 Kilos


Pavo PodoCare


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    During its first months of life, a foal needs a lot of building blocks for a healthy bone development. But it is of utmost importance that these substances are available in the right quantaties. Too much of one mineral or too little of another can lead to disorders, such as OC or OCD. If the quantities are  incorrect, the intake of the required minerals can be impaired.

    Pavo PodoCare; minerals in the right ratio: Pavo PodoCare contains the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D to support optimum growth of the bone tissue. Specifically, phosphorus and magnesium are the key for a healthy bone build-up. People often incorrectly assume that foals need extra calcium, however, this is abundantly present in the mare’s milk and in the roughage. Based on the latest scientific research, the ratio of minerals in Pavo PodoCare are carefully tailored to the foal’s requirements. The product does not contain wheat, so it is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

    Feeding advice Pavo PodoCare: Try to make the foal eat Pavo PodoCare from as young an age as possible. At four to six weeks, foals usually try eating solid food, usually by eating from their mothers’ feed bowls. It is recommended to teach them to eat independently from a young age, by offering them their own separate feed bowl at a small distance from the mare.

    Pavo PodoCare is available in an 8 kg bucket.

    Important characteristics:

    - The best start for a healthy foal

    - Supports a healthy bone development

    - Mineral ratios tailored to requirements

    - Scientifically proven effect


    - For young foals up to 30 months

    - For mares during the last months of gestation when they do not get Pavo PodoLac

    Feeding advice:

    To ensure that a foal is not short of anything during this important stage of its life, you can give it Pavo PodoCare up till the age of 30 months, or until the time the foal starts to independently eat Pavo PodoStart. As soon as a warmblood foal eats 1 kg Pavo PodoStart a day, then it is no longer necessary to add Pavo PodoCare.

    Horse foal: 200 grams per day

    Pony foal: 100 grams per day

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    Pavo has been manufacturing feed for horses since its inception, and has always been committed to research and innovation in the world of feed.

    Pavo is always up to date with the latest market demands and innovations in horse nutrition. He is in direct contact with horse owners to find nutritional solutions to improve the horses' needs.

    You can now buy Pavo brand products in our online and physical store Tuxe Life, in A Coruña (Galicia).

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