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In this section Tuxe Life shows you a catalogue consisting of different accessories that are part of every good rider's equipment. Our online shop offers you a range of riding bags, hats and caps, riding belts and glasses for horse riding. Riding bags are an essential accessory to carry and transport part of our riding equipment. There are different types of bags, there are the bags for riding boots, this way you will always get to have your boots protected from bumps and scrapes while keeping them longer clean and free of dust.

In our online shop we also offer helmet bags, this way you protect your helmets from bumps and dirt, it is very important to have your riding helmet well protected, remember that first and foremost is safety. You can also find in our equestrian shop travel and organization bags, totally essential when we have to travel, they are large bags with lots of capacity, perfect to put all kinds of accessories such as rugs, protectors, bridles, etc ... They are of great help in our travels!

Of course we do not forget the bags for grooms, backpack type to carry the accessories that the rider needs at the time of riding as can be the helmet, the whip, etc...

In this section of our online shop Tuxe Life you can find caps and hats. We have models for the winter, to protect you from the coldest temperatures, we also offer caps to cover you from the sun's rays and heat. Another essential accessory in the rider's equipment are the riding belts, for men, for women and for children... It is the accessory that completes the rider's wardrobe, we have a wide variety of belts, more classic, with fun colours, with crystals and glitter, from brands such as Cavalleria Toscana, Kingsland, Penélope Leprevost, Horse Pilot, etc...

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