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As in any sport, the safety of our riders is very important when practising horse riding. Falls from the horse can cause injuries that often affect the upper body such as the back or the head. For this reason there are many products on the market to properly protect our riders and avoid possible injuries. Above all safety!

In our online equestrian shop we offer a wide range of articles whose aim is to protect riders when riding a horse. In our Helmets and Accessories section you will find many options to choose from. We have helmets for beginners from the brands Cas Co, Choplin, Tattini... to helmets for the most experienced riders from brands such as KASK, Samshield, GPA, Charles Owen, etc.

A riding helmet should always be accompanied by a protective waistcoat or airbag. Discover in this section the best products for your protection on a horse in case of falls. Guaranteed safety with brands such as Hit-Air or Stübben. These waistcoats protect the rider's torso from possible injury in the event of a fall from the horse. Within the protective waistcoats, in our online shop, we have several types of waistcoats: Those that have a protective foam against impacts or rigid waistcoats, etc ..., there are those that protect both the chest and back or those that protect only the back.

Another option are the airbag waistcoats, these waistcoats incorporate a CO2 cartridge, the waistcoat is hooked to the horse's saddle and at the moment of a fall the hitch pulls and makes the CO2 cartridge jump and inflates the airbag waistcoat to protect the rider from the fall.

Of course, for riding helmets or protective waistcoats to work properly it is very important to choose the right size, the team at Tuxe Life are on hand to advise you on what is best for your safety!

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