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In this section Tuxe Life offers you different types of whips, when riding a horse it is a rider's accessory that helps, together with the leg, to stimulate the horse to pay more attention to the exercise or to increase the pace. The riding whip should never be used to punish the horse.

There are several types of whips, depending on the use or discipline in which they are to be used. Whips are divided into three groups according to their length (short, medium and long), depending on the riding activity you are doing, one length or another is recommended. Short whips usually measure up to a maximum of 45 or 55 cm, medium whips usually measure between 60 cm and 80 cm and long whips measure 90 cm or more.

As we have said before, depending on the discipline, one length or another is used. Jumping whips are short, they are rigid whips, they usually have a tongue and are somewhat thick. The General Use whips are medium and, like the Jumping whips, they usually have a tongue. Dressage whips are long, thinner than jumping whips, they can be rigid or elastic whips, they usually end with a thin whip, these whips must reach the horse's rump to be able to direct the movements correctly.

Then there are the lunging whips, these are long whips used to control the movement of the horse from a distance, some models are telescopic whips that reach a much longer length, these whips are rigid and at the end they have a whip. As you can see there is a wide variety of whips, some of the brands we work with are Fleck, Premier, Whip&Go, Hispano Hípica, etc...

Do not hesitate to contact the Tuxe Life team, we will advise you, we will be happy to help you!

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