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Spurs are tools that help riders to give more precise commands during riding practice. It is important that the rider has a correct position before attempting to ride with spurs. Of course spurs are not used to hurt or punish our horses, if spurs are used it must be done very carefully, subtle movements must be made. Spurs are placed on the heel of the riding boots or riding boots in order to move the horse forward and also help to support the commands for a sharper response.

Once the rider's leg position has been established and the horse is experienced in understanding and responding correctly to the rider's instructions, spurs can be useful to refine the commands for more advanced work. spurs are also often used to support the rider's natural aids (seat, hands, leg and voice) on horses that need more impulsion, they allow the rider to give subtle signals to the horse.

When riding the horse, the type of spurs used will depend on the horse's sensitivity and level of training, as well as the accuracy of the rider's leg. Before competition, always check the regulations to ensure that the spurs are legal for your discipline... In our Tuxe Life online shop you can find various types of spurs, spurs are available for men, women and children and the size is different to allow an optimal fit to the riding boot. You can find in our online shop the following types of spurs: round toe spurs, Prince of Wales spurs, disc spurs, Hammer spurs, etc... Some of the brands we work with are: Freejump, Pessoa, Sefton, Lexhis, Akox, etc... 

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