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In our online horse riding store Tuxe Life you will find everything you need to enjoy riding in the most comfortable and satisfactory way possible. In this section of "Stirrups & Leathers" of our online equestrian store you will find the essential item to be able to ride and perform all movements correctly.  

Stirrups are those supports that are connected to the saddles thanks to the stirrups leathers where the rider rests and places his feet. It is the point of support to be able to perform all the necessary movements. 

In our "Stirrups" section you will find multiple options of stirrups among which you can find models of plastic stirrups, aluminum stirrups, metal stirrups, etc. When choosing stirrups we must take into account what we need and the specific material we need. We will be able to choose between: 

- Basic Stirrups for Beginners: are those stirrups made of plastic or metal that are made of a single piece. They are the most used by beginner riders or amateurs. You will find them in brands such as Norton, Feeling, etc

- High Security and Quality Stirrups: these stirrups are requested by more experienced and professional riders. They are characterized by being stirrups focused on the safety of the rider to avoid getting stuck in the stirrups in case of a fall. These stirrups can be found in brands such as Freejump and Flex-on. 

In addition, you can choose to find different formats and treads of the stirrups. The orientation of the tread will allow us to ride in a more comfortable way as well as you can choose in some models on the grip of the sole, with or without grip. 

To be able to use the stirrups it is essential to choose stirrup straps to attach to the saddle. When choosing which stirrups we need, we must take into account the size we need. Smaller children or short adults will choose a size 125cm while medium and tall adults will need a size 135-145cm. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, at Tuxe Life we are here to advise you! 

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